Blogging Vs Social Media

Today Dr Tanya has asked our opinion about this quote;


“Twitter is like a calling card. Facebook is like a phone call. Blogging is like a full-fledged conversation!”


I’m not much into social media, and I don’t count blogging as social media. So I don’t think that they can be compared as it will be like comparing a visit to a friend to looking at pictures on a website.

Perhaps, I am handicapped by my lack of knowledge of how to use social media, but I do know that blogging is a whole different ball game. It is an exchange of ideas, information, and also of personal views and opinions. I think it combines a phone call, a quick visit and reading a letter from a colleague or a friend.

There are blogs where you gather information about something you want to know about or perhaps a place you want to visit. That too is quite detailed and enriches your mind. For instance, when I was going to get my ankle surgery done, I read a few medical blogs, detailing the procedure and its after effects. It was an enlightening experience and was nothing like reading something on Facebook or Twitter

So I would disagree with this quote as it doesn’t take the whole blogging experience in its totality and its comparison to social media is not relevant.


Written for Blogging Insights- NF # 46, hosted by Tanya



78 thoughts on “Blogging Vs Social Media

  1. Interesting comparisons in the quote. I agree that the quote doesn’t take into account the way blogging is like a tailored newspaper at your fingertips, a self-help course if you’d like one, daily uplifting images and a travelogue to name a few! I spend much more time blogging than on social media, because the conversations and friendships are more rewarding. Thanks, Sadje.

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  2. I agree with you Sadje..blogging for me also does not count as “social media” persee. In fact blogging is the extension of our selves, our thoughts and our minds. We meet people here and ultimately become real blog friends who find time to connect and keep in touch.💕🙏

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  3. I agree and that is why I think I’ve returned to blogging. It is so much more fulfilling. I felt like I was invisible on Twitter, and Facebook gets frustrating at times. I’m happy to be back here.

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  4. I only blog… I haven’t even figured out how to text on my new upgraded cell phone yet.
    I’d rather do email or real talk.

    I know some folks who let me look at some of the ‘Face-feeds’… I can’t believe how quickly they scrolled through – how can they even manage to comprehend what they see with a quick swip?

    I’m still old school in regards to real books too. 😀

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          1. One day, all too soon we’ll have computers inserted in our bodies to assist us… oh we already have some of that with pacemakers, hearing aids, things to monitor blood sugar…

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  5. I have never been much of a Twitter user and Facebook has become such a battleground or commercial format. Blogging is ideas and dreams… it is so much different than the other two.

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  6. yes blogging and social media has their own pros and cons but i would say we can use both because if we just only start blogging and ignor social media there is plenty of potential audience on socail media they can be the best type of our user.

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