A letter a week- P

Place – pond

Emotion – pleasure

Adjective – passé

Verb – posted

My animal – Peacock and Panda

On the edge of a pond, life was peaceful. That is till an angry peacock was riled by the antics of a cute cuddly baby panda.

The panda posted some unflattering shots of the peacock on Facebook and derived a lot of pleasure from all the negative comments people were posting on these photos.

You know that Facebook is just so passé nowadays”, said the peacock spitefully! “If you want people to notice you make an insta account”, he advised all the time posting negative things about pandas in general and baby pandas in particular on his own Facebook account.

The result; no one won this social media battle!


Written for Deb of Nope, not Pam’s A letter a week challenge- P



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