Am I hearing that correctly?

July 13: Senses: Hearing

Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays (Photo or Writing Challenge)

You have to hear what you don’t want to hear to know what you don’t want to hear.”

H. Gustav Mueller, Ph.D.

If, like me you’ve been married long, you’d know that spouses develop selective hearing where things they don’t want to hear are concerned. It’s often a comic situation at our home when we both are engrossed in whatever we are doing, listening, or watching and fail to hear what our spouse is saying. The usual modus operandi is to deny whatever was said or discussed completely! But that’s okay in a long term relationship! 😂😜

How many rumors come to you with these words; “I’ve heard……”

Wise people say not to believe everything you hear, but first to check if it’s true and authentic. Lies and rumors shred the reputation of innocents and scatter like leaves blown by a strong wind; never to come back again!

Such a profound quote!

Keep your ears open 
To listen to what’s being said
But also hear what is not uttered
The words left unspoken
Only the eyes convey
The thing lips don’t


Written for;WQW #26: Hearing, hosted by Marsha



65 thoughts on “Am I hearing that correctly?

  1. I like the last 2 lines of your poem there Sadje! 👏👍🤔
    “Only the eyes convey
    The thing lips don’t.”
    Like you pointed out there, you got to listen to what is not said as well as what is said! 👂👍

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  2. It gets even MORE complicated if one of you is seriously hearing-challenged and the other doesn’t hear nearly as well as she used to. I often don’t hear things, even when I AM listening. I definitely don’t hear them if I’m not paying attention.

    As for the rest of it? I double-check everything these days.

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  3. Vince fills in what he doesn’t hear with what he thinks I said. Sometimes that is funny usually, though he’s irritated. I’m trying to get him to consider the possibility that I’m usually saying something nice, LOL. My face discredits me because unless I’m smiling broadly, I tend to look mad or grouchy at best. It’s a struggle to always smile and talk! I admire people who can do that. I enjoyed reading your post and all your comments. Thanks for the thought-provoking response.

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  4. The hilltop hoods have a line in a song which says we’re saying the quiet things loud. I always thought that worked, sometimes what we don’t want to hear is what we should hear

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  5. Very wise. I adore your poem. I do think that what is unsaid is very important, as is what is said in comparison to what is done. When actions and language are incongruous that’s a red flag. Great share, Sadje .

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  6. So well said! After 50 years of marriage I can definitely relate to this phenomenon. Most of the time we are shouting “What?” to each other from one end of the house to the other. 🤣 🙈 🙉 🙊

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  7. Very influential post! Reminds me of this Sanskrit shloka:
    उदीरितोऽर्थः पशुनापि गृह्यते
    हयाश्च नागाश्च वहन्ति बोधिताः।
    अनुक्तमप्यूहति पण्डितो जनः
    परेङ्गितज्ञानफला हि बुद्धयः॥
    This basically means that animals too understand what they are told, and do their work. Only wise men understand what is not told, through gestures and actions of others.

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