Where would I live?

This week Fandango provocatively asks;

If money were no object and you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to go and why?


The Lahore fort

Choosing where we live has to be viewed through a few considerations;




•Social interactions

I am very comfortable in my own home, in the city I was born and uprooting myself at this age to live someplace else is not an appealing prospect.

I am familiar with my surroundings here, I know where to go if I want to buy something, watch a movie, or go just for a long drive with music blaring from my car speakers.

With the world economy in the state it is, money is tight everywhere, but living in Pakistan, life is not that expensive even now. If I compare prices in the USA to those in Pakistan, except the petrol/ gas prices, we still are way cheaper here. Our way of cooking is also such that we can eat more in less money.

The most important thing at my stage of life is social interaction with family and friends. And for all the C money in the world, I wouldn’t want to go and live in a place where my family isn’t around me or I cannot drop in a friend’s house for chitchat! This I think is a factor which would decide where I live.


Written in response to FPQ # 176, hosted by Fandango



65 thoughts on “Where would I live?

  1. Although, in the same country (England); A few years ago, I moved, with my husband and kids, to another county in england, about three hours in the car from where we used to live, and from our extended family, I love my new surroundings. Before I lived in a medium sized town, not that far from London, it was overpopulated, there was lots of crime, and now I live in a lovely cottage in the middle of a nature reserve in the countryside, so that probably has something to do with it. Perhaps if my children were older I’d feel differently, but lucky for me, it’s worked out well, also, some of my extended family members have since moved here too!

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  2. We moved from San Francisco, which we loved, to the East Bay (only about 35 miles east). It’s a different climate and a different life here, but we moved to be closer to our grandchildren, and that made it worthwhile.

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    1. Yup, very true. The only thing that would make me want to move at this stage of life is if one of my kids need me. Otherwise staying here despite the state of government and economy would be my choice.

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  3. I’m basically in a similar situation of thinking where to set down roots, after my mother finally gets a much-needed surgery and recovers from it. But if I could choose, I’d have to say somewhere in a forested environment and near a tight-knit community. A nice, friendly place.

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  4. You are the rare person who knows contentment when they have it, and celebrates it publicly as a reminder to all that bigger and newer are not necessarily better. We here in America, in particular, need this understanding to come into clearer focus. Great post!

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