It’s in the bag

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bagged.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!


Finally, we have also become environmentally conscious and have started using a re-usable cloth bags for groceries in Pakistan. Plastic shopping bags were banned four years ago and it translated to us either carrying our own bags when we’d go shopping or buy them from the store.

I often forget to take my bags when I go for the monthly grocery run. I do need lots of bags as I buy most of the household stuff needed for the month at one time. It saves money and effort of going again and again. But it also means that the shopkeeper tries to sell me more bags. Now that I’ve been through this a few times, I just load the groceries in the cart and put them in the trunk of the car, where I usually find a few stray bags for smaller items.

The guys in charge of bagging the groceries usually adds a few bags without asking and though they aren’t expensive, I don’t want so many more bags, because I’ve lots of them at home already, so……. We usually have an exchange of words about them not asking me if I want to buy more bags!

Do you remember to take your own bags when you go shopping? Or do you buy new ones every time you shop?


Written for Linda’s SoCS- Bagged



69 thoughts on “It’s in the bag

  1. I have a couple of those cloth kind of bags from the store, but don’t ever use them. I even sewed a few of my own out of fabric I had, and still don’t remember to use them. We just get the paper bag the store provides. 🙂

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  2. Ah, this is a good one. When the law in the city I live changed to reusable bags or paper for an expense at the store, I always forgot them. It took about a year to habituate, and I still forget sometimes! 😅

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  3. I’ve been using my own bags (most often) for years. I wish the U.S. would ban plastic bags. About all they are good for is holding used cat litter or stinky garbage that I want to throw out right away. It’s tough getting away from the use of plastic shopping or storage bags, but I’m trying to make an effort with both.

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  4. I mostly remember to bring my reusable bags, but if I forget it’s no biggie. I use paper (not plastic) bags if I don’t have my cloth bags with me and I then put the used paper bags in the recycling bin.

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      1. They charge 10¢ for either paper or plastic bags where I live, but they often have to double bag paper bags to accommodate heavier items. But even at that, paying 50 to 60¢ extra for paper bags a $200+ grocery shop is not that painful

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  5. I wish they would ban bags here. They threatened to but never went through with it. The one thing I disliked about curbside while we used it was the bags. Sometimes they put each item in their own bag. Such a waste! But now that I am going to the store, I bring my canvas bags. I love them, so much easier all said & done. We’ve started leaving them in the trunk which means, I’ve always got them even if I forget, I just run out to the car.

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  6. We still have plastic bags here. But paper and bringing your own is also always a choice.
    I reuse the store plastic bags in many ways – to line small waste cans is one way. And paper bags are good to when I mail books – I wrap them in paper – we have a differrent postal rate for media (books). There used to be a different rate for media out of the country but now all mail out of the country is charge the same rate by weight.

    I have a ton of store bags too. I try and keep several in my car trunk. One of the places I shop at sells bags if you forget your own. And if they have left over boxes they will let you use them. Sometimes I will buy a pretty bag to use for taking gifts for family. That way they also have another nice bag. I’ve found that some of the ‘store’ theme decorated bags cost less than the large paper gift bags at card stores.

    Most of our waste is burned to make electricity avoiding the land fill. But not all folks are nice about reusing plastic and it is horrid to see a plastic bag stuck in a tree branch where you can’t reach it. Or in water ways that birds and fish can get stuck in. 😦

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      1. That is true. I had a friend who lived in Japan…
        They had several bins for different things to be recycled. I think some states here (not mine though) have a pick up for compostable material.

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  7. I am terrible about remembering them… I hope they go to a charge on paper and plastic or just outright ban them. A few extra charges may make it easier for me to remember my own.

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