Soul sisters

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For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows two women, foreheads touching, in a hug-like embrace.


As our eyes met across the busy café tables, I was struck with the feeling that I knew her. Not in a practical way but like I knew her from centuries ago. We both were the almost there same age, though she was fair with blond hair and I was dark-haired and skinned. But I felt that she also was struck by that bolt of awareness.

Hesitantly, she came to my table and sat down. “Do I know you?” She asked

I was thinking the same thing”, I said. “Where are you from?

I was born in Ireland, but my parents moved to Uk when I was 5. And you?” She asked.

I have lived here all my life, but I feel like I’ve known you all my life. How is that possible?”

I think we will have to solve this mystery because it’s too intriguing”, she said. “Let’s meet here tomorrow as I’ve to go meet my mom now”.

We have met many times after that and we still don’t know the connection we have with each other but the pull is very strong. It feels if we are soul sisters. Perhaps one day the mystery will be solved and for now we are content to be best friends.


Written for FFFC # 176, hosted by Fandango

Also included FSS # 54, hosted by Fandango




56 thoughts on “Soul sisters

  1. Some friends can be that way. I have a relative whose bestie was sort of adopted by the family. Didn’t help the real sibling when the ‘parents’ did more for the ‘soul sister’ than their own flesh and blood. Might have made a difference if they had let the other child have a good friend too.

    Fun though to think of how folks could be connected. I have seen quite a few faces similar to mine throughout history. Makes one consider ‘reincarnation’ 😉

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      1. For some… I’ve read too many stories about families that don’t work and where complete seperation is best for sanity.

        I think quite a bit has to do with location as well. Now a days families are miles apart instead of generations living in the same home. Makes a difference. As well as elders without children…

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          1. I really was sad when my one set of grands moved several states away. But I understood it was for health reasons. And that was way before the ‘tech generation’ so communication wasn’t always easy – especially for a young child.

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  2. I also found my soul sister!!! The feeling is just amazing. I remember meeting her vividly! We met 12 years ago although we like Miles apart we send eachother a birthday card every birthday. We don’t even need to speak for the year. I knew her the very moment I met her. Thank you for sharing x

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