What is writing?

This week Tanya has asked our impressions on this quote;


isaac asimov writing quote

” Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” 

— Isaac Asimov.


It’s a quote by a wonderful writer.

I don’t fall in the category of a writer in the traditional sense. But I do write mostly from instinct and not by plan.

Perhaps that is the best way to write the first draft. To go where your instincts lead you and after you’ve written that first draft, you then go back and neaten it up.

People who write stories, write them because in most cases, they story already exists in their mind. They have thought about the characters, how they look and behave and they know what will happen in that story. That’s why when they start to write, the story pours out of their fingertips and onto the paper/screen.

The next step is admittedly the most difficult one; editing this story so that there are no loopholes, no plot holes, and no grammatical errors. Even a few spelling mistakes can ruin the experience for the reader.

Previously, people did things in a proper manner by hiring an editor, and that editor would mercilessly cut out the offending parts of the writing and streamline it.

Now, however, we all can be our own editors and do everything ourselves. The result is a cost-free venture but often full of mistakes as we seldom catch all our blunders.

Yet, as they say, we learn and grow from our mistakes, so I think it’s okay to go this route, especially since the other one is too expensive and is only for people who make money from their writing.

I plan to do this one day too!


Written in response to Blogging Insights- NF # 45, hosted by Tanya

Thanks to Tanya for keeping this conversation going.



48 thoughts on “What is writing?

  1. Actually I’m the opposite. Of course I start with an idea. But the editing and polishing is easy for me. It’s the bit in the middle – actually getting something down – that is the challenge. I’ll often take a week to write a five-minute flash.

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  2. I agree with you. About editing, I edit many times and go back over posts I already published and correct any mistakes. I decided some time ago that if I waited for the perfect tome I would never hit the publish button. So, I just do my best and roll with it😊

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  3. Alot of times I think as I write, it just flows … I had no idea what Harold was going to do last night when I started writing the story, I just see what happens. There are times that gets me in trouble, not planning ahead but most of the times it is what works for me.

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  4. It’s difficult to see your own mistakes. I can edit several times and still miss my mistakes. I write to express myself and for enjoyment. Usually, my words flow easily but not always.

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