Obstacles to fitness

Currently, I am not allowed to walk on my left foot. You can imagine that would put me in a list where the obstacles to fitness are very high.

There are people who always inspire others in a positive way. Michael Jordan is one of them.

Right now I’m waiting for my foot to heal so that I can resume my walk and get healthier again. Right now my exercise consists of hopping on one leg and lifting myself by my arms and shoulder muscles. I have a feeling that I’m getting better at it and in the process losing some weight too. My stomach wall muscles seem to have gotten better too.

There was a time in my younger days that my purpose in losing weight was to look slim, to dress better, and be admired by my loved ones for my fitness. Then as I grew older, the focus shifted to feeling better. Now I want to be healthy and self-reliant. This is a much more powerful incentive and keeps me striving to get in better physical shape.

Immediately after my surgery, I realized that hopping on one foot was not easy. I wasn’t fit enough. Now two weeks on, I find that it has become easier for me. This hard time has made me tough. Similarly, when we are faced with tough situations, we do come out of them better and stronger.

Have faith in yourself 
Don’t give up at the first hurdle
Rise to the occasion
Prove that you’re


Written for WQW # 25, Obstacles to fitness, hosted by Marsha



83 thoughts on “Obstacles to fitness

  1. Sadje, I’m so sorry you had to have foot surgery. I know the pain of hopping on one foot. I was so bad at it. I don’t think I got more fit, but I sure lost weight. Now the weight is back and I’m doing well, but not trying hard enough to keep on the move. Keep up the good work of healing and you will be back in better shape than ever. 🙂

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  2. I went through the same timeline Sadje. Look trim. Stay healthy and now focus on self reliance. I agree that your positive attitude will get you through this recovery process. Hope you’re back on two feet soon.

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  3. So sorry about your health Sadje. But I can see from your words that you’re still as strong as ever🤗 I know you’ll get through this tough time, sending you much love💝💝

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