Sunday Poser # 88

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

What do people incorrectly assume about you?

When I was younger, I was painfully shy and it often came across as being proud or haughty. Though I’ve overcome this personality trait, I do hold myself back when conversing with someone I’ve met for the very first time. With experience, I have learned that being too open with strangers can backfire. So I still may give the first impression of being snobbish.

This is something I have gotten used to so it doesn’t bother me much. If we are destined to meet again, their impression of me may change when we get to know each other better.

What about you; do you leave an incorrect impression on people you meet the first time? Does it bother you if that’s the case?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

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52 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 88

  1. Sometimes my (hopefully) positive attitude leaves people to think I’ve had a perfect or charmed life. I simply choose not to dwell on the negativity and focus on the uplifting and positive things I have experienced. I am nowhere near perfect or charmed – fortunate, yes. Grateful, many times over.

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  2. So funny, as I’m almost the opposite. People tend to assume I’m shy, but I’m really not. I make conversation easily, I’m not afraid of meeting new people, I enjoy public speaking, and I have a high tolerance for public humiliation in the form of karaoke or something. But I feel like people assume I will be shy. I think because I wear glasses and look generally boring, like someone not seeking attention might be assumed to look.

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  3. People think I’m a bit of a snooty b!tch because I’m painfully honest.. Really, I just don’t see the point in being fake or pretending to be something I’m not. I won’t agree with you just because I want to fit in. I just see lying as a waste of my time and yours.. You’ll either like me or you won’t.

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      1. Heh.. Thanks. 😅
        We have enough problems in life, why add more by being something we’re not?
        Besides, I was always raised to believe that it’s easier to remember the truth than a lie.

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  4. Many people who initially meet me think I’m extroverted when in reality I’m not. While I enjoy interactions with people, I don’t like too much of it and really only with people I care about. Bigger groups of people tend to be more shallow, and I prefer in-depth and meaningful conversation.

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  5. I can’t imagine this about you Sadje; “being proud or haughty.”

    People often think my life is perfect and I don’t have any issues which is farthest from the truth and yet true if that makes sense? I am human and flounder like we all do and sometimes am on an emotional roller coaster juggling many balls. The difference is I accept it and breath, let go and don’t get attached to outcome as much as possible. It’s a moment to moment job.

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  6. I am like you …shy in new company, though people don’t think I am haughty. I need time to warm up to people. But honestly I am not much bothered about what strangers think of me. Those who are close, know the real me.

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  7. I had the exact same situation. I was very shy until into adulthood and people who didn’t know me often told me they thought I was snobby because I wasn’t talking to them –

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  8. With a chronic illness many people will assume I am feeling fine when I smile or laugh… there is always a certain level of pain. I have just learned how to still live as normal a life as I can when it is manageable.

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  9. I think oftentimes people form wrong impressions of someone based on a story they’ve created based on assumptions connected with one aspect of a persons life. Factually we are all quite paradoxical, and have many layers and depths to our personalities and to our lives. This has happened to me many times. It’s pretty normal. I think we all do it sometimes.

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