Making notes

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “make a note.” Do with it what you will. Have fun!


Make a note so that you don’t forget

But remember where you’ve put that note

Or the whole effort will be a waste of time

Faulty memory or over crowded thoughts

Results in loosing our focus and being scatterbrained

Making a note may salvage the situation

But do remember where you’ve put that note!


Written for Linda’s SoCS prompt- Make a note



39 thoughts on “Making notes

  1. I have a friend that uses the home inside of her front door as a place to put her post-it notes. Sometimes I’ll work from a shopping list. But I end up always getting one or two other ‘things’. And when I make multiple errands in one trip I try to have a list of where to go first, then next etc.

    I’ve a new ‘cell phone’ I’ll have to see about playing with the note or list feature. 🙂 Though I still only turn that phone on when I leave the house – or when I want it on! As we still have a land line.

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