Generous nature 
Arranges a show
Of magnificent colors
And stupendous displays
To awe the ungrateful humanity
Every morning and evening
As a gesture of benevolence
Do we care to stop and
Give a few moments to
Appreciate this wonder


Written for;Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Encore – July 5, 2022, hosted by Eugenia



87 thoughts on “Encore

  1. Isn’t it sad, we go about our business never noticing Mother Nature’s wonder. Maybe if we pulled our heads up for our phones and our lives for a moment we’d want to preserve her beauty.

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  2. When ever I can I do!! I enjoy looking out my bow and picture windows.
    Yesterday for the first time I saw two raccoons. Though others have seen them in the neighborhood, I had not.
    They’d better watch for the hawks… they were on the small side!

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      1. But they can be distructive. Keepy trash cans secure. Because the neighbors left food out for ferrel cats the raccoons come out of hiding.

        The pair did look cut though 🙂

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