Travel by water

I got this fantastic quote off a blogger friend’s post. I am not a water person, and can’t even swim. But being near water is so calming. One adventure I had a few years ago was a whale-watching trip I took with my daughter and grandson.

The splash the boat made cutting through the waves was invigorating and the sea breeze hitting my face loaded with water droplets made me feel alive.

Written for WQW # 24 -Travel by whatever floats– Hosted by Marsha



87 thoughts on “Travel by water

  1. You got to see a real jump, Sadje. Their size astounds me that they can jump that high out of the water. They are so powerful. I love your first quote. Thanks for jumping into WQW even though you are not a fan of boat travel. 🙂

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  2. What a wonderful experience to see whales! I’ve only been on a small motorboat in a lake once or twice, but we did take a tour on a larger boat that toured Pearl Harbor years ago. 🙂

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  3. Great quote and incredible snips!

    This reminds me of an incredible kayaking journey on ‘River Mahaweli’ I took on the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka. We kayaked in the day and camped in the river bank in the night and it was undoubtedly a little piece of heaven on earth.

    I didn’t forget to log it under my travel memoirs in here >>

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