37 years today

On 5th July 1985, I got married. Today it’s been 37 years and I am very blessed to be married to such a gem of a person.

A few days back I was having a comments conversation with a fellow blogger about an ideal relationship/ marriage. We both agreed that ideal has a different definition for everyone.

Perhaps it matches what we expect. Some people look for romance in a relationship while others want security. Some feel the need to be put first while others are happy with a friendly relationship.

As I have mentioned before that mine was an arranged marriage and I had only met my husband once before we got married. I’d say it was a sheer draw of luck or a great blessing from the Almighty that we were married to each other as we complement each other’s personalities.

With my recent surgery, I’ve been given more cause to be grateful for my husband as he has looked after me so well post-surgery. I wake him up in the middle of the night when I am in pain or need something. He is never grumpy or annoyed at having his beauty rest spoiled.

So do I have an ideal marriage?

Yes, I can say that I have. He is loving, kind, generous and caring. In return I too show him same level of love and care.

A happy anniversary to us both!



98 thoughts on “37 years today

  1. I hope you had a joyful anniversary. I read this post over at Twitter late yesterday and a bit uncertain how to use the reply symbol. You are very fortunate in today’s world. A few times I watched a reality show (think name ‘Married at First Sight’) and in the end most couples were mismatched and divorced. I wish you and your husband much happiness in the future years. 💞

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS 💐 May you continue to share special memories in the future. You’re fortunate to have found your gem, and that it continues to shine.
    There are fewer and fewer of them now-a-days. It looks like your gem was the perfect one for you.
    So Soory, I missed saying ‘Get Well” wishes for your surgery. It’s soothing to know you have a
    caring companion who is there through the good times and the difficult times. Hope you are getting better.
    Best Wishes, Isadora 😎

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    1. Thank you so much Isadora for you very kind and generous words. I am indeed very lucky and though each relationship needs a lot of work to make it work, ours has that basic spark that has been there all these years. Thanks again

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