A letter a week- N – Norton the newt

Place – National park

Emotion – naughty

Adjective – narrow

Verb – nap

My animal – Newt

Caroline was so excited to be going to visit the yellow stone national park. The family was going to drive and go around the park in three days. She took her Newt, Norton with her, packing his case carefully with a little hammock so that if he wanted he could take a nap too.

But Norton the Newt was a naughty salamander and was always ready for adventures. He found a narrow opening in the lid of his case/cage and slipped out to explore. Caroline was frantic when she found Norton’s home. It was her father who found him, trying to escape the car into the wild. His case was then firmly secured by duct tape to prevent another daring escape.


Written in response to 1 Letter per week- N, hosted by Deb of Nope, not Pam



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