Signs of neglect

No entry, the sign read.

The gate was almost obscured by the overgrown grasses and weeds.

Once this was a great home, with splendor of wealth reflecting in its bearing, but now years of neglect had taken its toll.

Jessica and Henry were old visitors to these desolate and deserted gardens. They had their secret corner all spruced up and made cozy with little things that they had smuggled in. They never paid heed to the no entry sign and enjoyed their adventures, till one day they got the shock of their young lives.

Huge diggers were racking up the overgrown lawns and a bunch of men in hard hats were going about the place opening and closing the doors to every room. Someone suddenly gave a shout and there was a commotion.

Look at this pair of ducks ! I wonder to whom they belong?”

Both Jessica and Henry were then transported to a nearby farmer’s pond where they made friends with many of their kind.


Written in response to CCC # 190, hosted by Crispina Kemp



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