Taking a gamble

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “—amble.” Add letters to the beginning of “-amble” to make another word or use it as is in your post. Enjoy!


So I’m again going to give you an update about my surgery in this post. It’s been one full week and it’s going as well as could be expected. I’m not going to ramble on and on about my inability to walk like normal people right now, instead, I’ll just tell you that if you remember playing hopscotch as a kid, you can understand me hopping from my bed to my toilet or the lounge, that the extent of my mobility.

I took a gamble on getting this surgery done. I could have dragged on with the pain in my foot and getting injections in the arthritic joint after every 6 months. If you know me, I go in for cure instead of palliative treatment. So I’m hoping that I will be able to walk as before after my foot has healed.

So as not to bore you guys too much, this is about all.


Written for Linda’s SoCS- -amble



65 thoughts on “Taking a gamble

  1. I understand what that hopping can be like, after one time when I bruised my foot really bad around one Fourth of July weekend (which took several weeks to heal). But it’s wonderful to hear you’re on the path to a full recovery, and before much longer, you’ll definitely be up and on the move without a problem. ^_^

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  2. I can understand how painful this experience would have. Let’s write about our pain, interests, hobbies, experience, lessons, and friendships. Stay happy, dear Sadie.😊

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