What is our hallmark?

We have a word prompt this week



It’s hard to capture zeitgeist of our current era

On one hand, we have loosening of the norms

Things that were acceptable are being trashed

And more freedom is being given all around

While on the other hand some conservatives are trying

To drag the society back into the dark ages

By curbing the rights of women and minorities

I do wonder what the future generations would say

About our confused decisions, our indeterminate reactions

Have we failed at everything that we had set out to do?


Written for RXC ; PROMPT #237, hosted by Reena



51 thoughts on “What is our hallmark?

  1. If dictators rule a major part of the world, power structures change. Followers take pride in being followers, but do not know where they are being led. The creative and intellectual people become powerless onlookers, as their voice is stifled by collective thoughtlessness. What does one expect?

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  2. A wonderful inquiry, Sadje. The recent developments in this country add to a very long list of continued oppressive action, which both angers and saddens me. I will, however, continue to take my actions each day, however small they may be, to mitigate and eliminate these horrible activities.

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