Encounter with the yellow butterfly

June 27, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about swarms. What could swarm? How does the swarm impact the people or place in your story? Is there something unusual about the swarm? Go where the prompt leads!


I was four when I had my first encounter with wasps . I was alone on the veranda one summer afternoon. There was a hole in the wall and I saw a yellow butterfly crawl into it. I was intrigued so I stepped in for closer observation and was suddenly attacked by a swarm of wasps.

My mother came running when she heard my screams. Mercifully, my memory is a bit hazy but I remember being given medication to control the allergic reactions to the stings.

For a few days I was the favorite one in the family.


Word count: 99

Written in response to 99 Word story- Swarm, a challenge hosted by Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch.



63 thoughts on “Encounter with the yellow butterfly

  1. My husband tried to rescue my stepfather’s cat out of the neighbor’s tree. He encountered a swarm of wasps and it looked like a cartoon of them chasing him down the tree and over the fence. He got stung at least 20 times. Also, the neighbors release their rottweilers on him. Not a good day, but it was memorable.

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  2. We only learn we are allergic to something once we get a reaction. While I know some plants don’t like me… I wasn’t aware of bugs bothering me until I had a quarter size swell from a ‘No-see-Um’ – the genertic name of a biter in Florida. I was helping to trim a bush – thankfully it wasn’t a swarm. Glad you recovered. While I don’t need to keep an Epi-pen with me I know some who do! Stay safe!! πŸ’–

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  3. Hi Sadje,
    I was hoping this was fiction – but it seems not.
    Yikes – what a nasty surprise.
    We have yellow jackets here and they attack for almost no reason at all and love to dig their underground nests in my yard. Many of these small demons have fallen trying to infest our place. I have strategies to fight back.

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