I feel like going on a strike.

How I miss just getting up to do whatever I liked or to go wherever I wanted.

Now before rising from my bed, I think for a few minutes because the process is tiresome and tiring, first lifting myself on one leg, hopping on it with the help of the walker to just pay a visit to the loo.

But going to strike isn’t an option, it’s the only way to manage before I will hopefully get better enough to resume my daily walks and other activities.

It’s just a little more than 5 weeks to go and I’m hoping that this too shall pass ( quickly, fingers crossed).

Meanwhile, I’m trying to use my time reading and writing blogs.

Teddy bears for Nano ( grandma) to hug because she has pain from my little granddaughter.


Written for Six Sentences Story- Strike, hosted by Denise



126 thoughts on “Strike

    1. Thanks for your words I f sympathy. I’d advise anyone with a flat foot too get it treated in childhood. It’s way more easy to do so before the age of 40.


        1. I got something similar but I have a big cut on the front of my shin from where the doctor took the bone graft/ marrow to speed up the healing. So that’s our for the moment. Thanks 🙏🏼


  1. Yikes Sadje, the guy from Home Depot shouldn’t be doing surgery!!! Those things look like #10 – 3½” deck screws, hope he used quality lumber. Seriously though, I hope you heal up quickly.

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    1. Haha! That’s what my daughter said. They look like nails from the hardware store!
      They are titanium nails, rust proof!
      Thanks a lot my friend


  2. I’m sure it is still so painful and wishing you a full recovery at the earliest possible time. do what you need to do to care for yourself, it will be better in the end. baby steps

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  3. Even though you’re going through a challenging time, at least you are on the mend. Hope you feel better soon, and maybe this is a great opportunity to get a lot of reading done, catch up on any shows you’ve wanted to see, etc. ^_^

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  4. Speedy recovery Sadje. But not too speedy; be patient and follow the directions for progressive increase of the load on your leg. The last week will be crucial because that is when patients are tired from the process; and that is when they relapse.
    Now that you are done with the surgery I can tell you it is quite ‘mechanical” in its execution ( been inside a few, fortunately not as a patient 😉 )

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    1. Thanks Spira! It is mechanical indeed. I’m glad you were the observer and not the patient because it’s no fun. My doctor doesn’t plans to remove the cast before 3-4 months so I think he’s had his share of impatient patients!

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  5. Oh goodness, those spikes look painful, as well as the exhaustion of carefully walking. Hang in there, I’ll be praying for a speedy and full recovery.

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