On the verge

The image is from snatti89 at DeviantArt.com.

For the visually challenged writer, the image shows a young woman standing at dusk looking at her smartphone at what may be a train platform. There is a large puddle of water in the foreground reflecting her body, the overhead wires and lights, and the deep reddish-orange color of the sky.


She stands here
On the verge
Something exciting
Or even mundane
May happen anytime
For life is full of adventures
And one should always be prepared


Written for FFFC# 175, hosted by Fandango



56 thoughts on “On the verge

  1. The image reminds me of actually waiting for a bus. I was leaving my job of being a ‘Mother’s helper’ one summer. The woman got me to the stop too late so I missed the first of two busses home. My parents had not told me that they moves our family from an apartment to a house while I was away. It was quite a shock when I got to the new house. Everyday can be a new challenge. Looking forward to my home getting back in order!! Some work might (might) start next week.

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      1. I’m hoping all the work will be done by autumn… but one can’t bank on that.
        Especially the unpacking. But we did another ‘donate to charity’ run to day of things that will be going…going… gone!

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