Last Share for June 2022

Melanie, our gracious host for SYW has posed these questions for us this week;



What’s your favorite way to spend a day off? If you’re retired, what’s something you now include in your schedule that you dreamed about while employed?

I did not work in the traditional sense so there is no retirement. But being a mom and a grandmother is a whole time job with no off days. Even now I had a few responsibilities before my foot surgery has knocked me into my bed.

My ideal way is to relax with music playing, while I read or write and don’t have to keep an eye on the clock.

Now that Covid isn’t so strictly monitored and folks can go out and about again, are you into after-work happy hours?

What’s a happy hour?

Just kidding, I know from living in the USA for 5 years about happy hours but it’s not a concept in my country. For one thing, there are no bars, and alcohol is banned here. The only happy meals are served in Mcdonalds’ for kids!

What physical traits do you share with your relatives? (Example: I have my mother’s nose)

I have an overall resemblance to my mom and I have my father’s eyes. From my mom’s family I’ve inherited flat feet, joint problems and autoimmune disorders. Not to sound ungrateful to my mom’s side of the family, I got my sense of humor from them too.

How long does it take you to decide if you like someone or not?

It’s mostly on my first contact with a stranger that I get an idea if I like them or not. If it’s a strong feeling, I accept it but if it’s ambivalent, I defer my opinion till I know them better.

Feel free to share some wisdom you live by.

I think the wisest way to live is to take life one day at a time. No use worrying about what will come tomorrow.

Two birdies enjoying the shade

Thanks a lot Melanie for these interesting questions.



44 thoughts on “Last Share for June 2022

  1. Great answers but I do have a question if you don’t mind me asking, where abouts do you live? Just wondering because you mentioned alcohol is banned. I didn’t realize it was banned in certain places.

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  2. Thank you for Sharing Your World Sadje! The birdies! Oh my! 💖❤🧡💛💚! So cute and you’re doing a fine job with your photography too if I might mention. I hope you’re recovering well from your surgery too. Great answers to the questions! Have a wonderful week!

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  3. In my youth I used to partake in a happy hour of sorts… it was a FACT – Friday After Class Time. A bar across the street from campus would host specials late afternoon and early evening and a lot of us from campus would met there for drinks.

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