Health/ surgery update

Today is day 3.

And I am much better both pain wise and in my ability to hop and jump and go from my bed to the toilet and back. That’s the extent of my mobility.

Yesterday coming home from the hospital took a lot of toll and I was quite tired. The pain on first 2 nights was quite a lot and kept me awake and those around me but this morning, I am feeling much better and the pain has reduced in its intensity too.

I am really grateful for all the prayers and lovely, kind wishes from my blogging family.

Thank you so much my dear friends.



108 thoughts on “Health/ surgery update

  1. The first day is the absolute worst IMO. I’m so glad you’re healing and on the mend. Most importantly your spirits reflect your sunny nature overall and that is the best medicine going. Being in the doldrums, while expected, tends to slow the process IMO. Take care sweetie and do all you can to come back (when you are ready of course!) I’ll miss you! 🥰🤗

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    1. Thank you so much dear friend, Melanie. You’re ever so kind. You’re right that the first 48-72 hours are the worst. Thankfully it’s over that period and now I can manage the pain. 💞😍🤗


  2. So glad to hear your recovery is going smoothly …now.
    Years ago I slipped a disc in my neck… not fun. But that’s but a memory now.
    Soon you’ll be dancing (that is if you like to dance) 😀

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  3. Dear Sadje,

    Wishing you a healing recovery process. Kudos to you for keeping up with your blog despite the pain.

    You are an inspiration to reckon with.

    I wish you mobile days of fun, laughter, joy and movement ahead.

    Healing vibes and much love.

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  4. Oh my Sadje. I’m so sorry I didn’t know. Yet I’m always advocating for checking on our friends. I’m so glad you got through the procedure and are getting better. You’re awesome, so you’ll make an awesome recovery. 😃🤗🤍🤎💜

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