Hard work- Blogging Insights – NF # 43

This week Dr Tanya has offered us this quote for our opinion, found by Melanie B. Cee.

Desire to Write - Dean Koontz

“The desire to write well cannot be fulfilled without hard work.^ — Dean Koontz


I agree with this 100%. Even if one is writing a short blog post, writing it well is essential.

Do check your grammar, spelling, and sentence formation before posting anything online. How you express yourself is very important in engaging your audience/reader. Some people write in a way that they form an instant connection with their readers. If you want to increase your readership, this is a very useful quality to inculcate in your writing. Humor is another quality that engages the reader.

For some people, writing comes easily while for others it takes effort to write. A story, a poem or an informative post, all need some amount of effort, specially when you’re writing in a blog where the engagement is instant and so is the feedback.

In my language, urdu, there’s a saying which translates to; “The dish will be as sweet as you put sugar into” So all the hard work you put into writing will give you the sweetest of results.

Many thanks to Tanya for this discussion on Blogging.



52 thoughts on “Hard work- Blogging Insights – NF # 43

  1. It drives me crazy because no matter how many times I edit, I always end up finding additional mistakes. I attribute that to my ADHD. Some bloggers, once they post, they’re done. Not me. If I find something after I hit post that I need to change, I do it. Writing isn’t just difficult, it can be a beast! Mona

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  2. IMO, writing about a subject you’re familiar with and/or enjoy makes it easier. Edit for errors and walk away. Edit again, publish, and be proud of your work. I love the saying.

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  3. Your advice in this post should apply to all social media, hiring ads and resumes. I really see awful spelling and sentence structure and I am not a fan of the apreviated message systems. I believe there are too many things being made publlic that should remain private. 🙂

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