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This week’s Wednesday challenge on Susan and GC is the word CARTS.

Today I went grocery shopping. I loaded my cart with enough stuff to last the coming month of July. I was leaning more on my cart because walking has become painful for me now. And I am going to get it fixed.

This Saturday, I’m going for surgery on my left foot to fix the fallen arch and arthritis in my ankle. It’s not a particularly long or painful operation ( that’s what I’ve been told) but it comes with a tough proviso! I am not supposed to put any weight on it for at least 6 weeks.

This has put me in a state of worry because how will I go about my daily chores on just one leg. I feel hopping isn’t a good idea because I am overweight and already have an artificial knee.

I’ve decided to let things be and hopefully, this issue will be sorted out when the time comes. I am ever the optimist.

If anyone has had any experience in this regard, please do share it with me. Also need your prayers and best wishes.



Written for;Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Carts, hosted by Sue W and GC



48 thoughts on “My cart

  1. I hope the surgery goes well for you. You have not indicated your age or country where you reside. If you are a senior I am sure you can contact a senior center and enquire if there is something they can do for you ( household chores or grocery shopping) to help. Check with the hospital rehabilitation center to see what they can for you. You are not alone. Reach out now and discover what options you have. Good luck.

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    1. Thanks a lot GC. I love in Pakistan and am 60 years old. I have a great family network which will support me. My only worry is how to be mobile but I’m sure the hospital will give me some tips before sending me home. Thanks a lot for your kind advice

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  2. A power wheelchair will offer you more maneuverability indoors than a scooter, although scooters have a more rugged design. This is a big consideration, and I am sure it is going to come down to cost. I hope that you get well soon, Sadje.

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    1. Thanks a lot Jim. I hope that the hospital and the physio will guide me how to best go about. It’s just first 6 weeks which will be restrictive. After that I’ll hopefully be mobile on two feet.

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  3. Ouch! I’m so sorry you’ve got so much pain. I do hope your surgery is a success and preferably pain-free. As for getting about while you have to be off that leg, had you considered crutches? They take a bit of getting used to but are a possibility. Before I became a wheelchair user, I was dependent on crutches as one leg was worse than the other, to begin with. Now that they’re both equally bad, I use a manual wheelchair indoors and an electric powerchair to go out. It might be worth considering, although I guess cost may also be a factor. I wish you good luck with your op, and I’m sending you healing hugs for your recovery. Ellie 🌞

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  4. oh Sadje.. I feel your pain.. Down time is so hard I know but you’ll be good as new. Start doing the alphabet with your foot 2 x’s a day as soon as you can and of course flexion and extension and lateral and medial movement. Let everyone wait on you for awhile. sending prayer and good healing vibes and reiki for a fast recovery!! 💖💖💖

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  5. Sorry to know you are suffering, I have a problem with plantar facilities but found a miracle with a product called Arch Support, they sell them at Amazon and other places. I would be happy to look where I got mine, if interested. Your problem seems to be much worse than just plantar facilities. So sorry again, my internet friend,

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