A taste of freedom

June 20, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about what freedom feels like. Whose point of view do you use? Does the idea of freedom cause tension or bring hope? Let the reader feel the freedom. Go where the prompt leads!


Freedom is a gift that only the people who don’t have it, value. Those who have experienced the usurping of their rights appreciate freedom fully.

If you ask a woman how free she is?

She’ll tell you that her choices are limited by the men of the society.

Ask a person of color about freedom and they’ll tell you their limitations.

For the poor people, the concept of freedom is totally warped.

Some people are born free with the freedom to choose what and who they want to be in life. They don’t realize how precious this gift is.


Word count: 99

Written for 99 Words Story- Freedom, hosted by Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch



61 thoughts on “A taste of freedom

  1. Your piece does make me think of something those who carry many minority statuses often say: everyone has some privilege. Then again, I am pretty sure that comment comes from a privileged standpoint, ie. from those who can access the Internet. I bet poor people in developing countries would disagree.

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  2. Some, but not all who are born without the restrictions of worrying about food, clothing or housing do often seem to be a bit flippant about what is truly valuable. I remember either through school or some other local organization that students were asked to pretty much spend overnight in a cardboard box, and families where asked to spend a week as if they were living on foodstamps – thus having to buy lesser quality products or day old… One would hope a new understanding and more compassion would spring forth new ideas to support and help.

    Actually there is a ‘food box’ by a local elementary school near us to put in supplies for families in need. I donate items there…like dry and can goods. Also once a year our Boy Scouts and Postal service do a food collection for the local food banks.

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  3. Freedom currently is an American woman grappling to come to terms with the anti-abortion law. Such sad state of affairs. It’s like living in 1800s.

    Lovely string of words, Sadje.

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