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“Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.” — Ray Bradbury


In my personal opinion, this quote applies more to writing stories and poetry etc rather than blogging. Blogging is a rare combination of all genres of writing that need to be blended carefully.

If I am writing for a prompt ( which I mostly do) it’s good to have a basic idea of what I’m writing about ( intuition) but it then needs planning and strategy on how to use the prompt image or word to its best advantage. Another concern that I especially have while writing is that most of my posts should convey a positive message. For this to happen, I have to use my conscious brain to bring out the positivity in my post.

In the end, I’d summarize by saying that blogging specifically needs both intuition and conscious planning. But that just be my approach to writing blog posts. Others may just be intuitively writing posts, stories, and poems. We all do have different ways of doing things in life.


Many thanks Dr Tanya for this thought provoking prompt.

Written for;Blogging Insights — New Format # 43 — Intuition, hosted by Tanya



28 thoughts on “Intuition in writing/blogging

  1. I find I’m a bit all over the place with this. my style is to have one thing (thought, picture, quote, event) trigger and idea and then I find the other pieces to go with it usually just fall into place quite easily

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  2. Hey Sadje,
    I’m coming to you via E.A. Wickham’s Bleuwater blog. I tend to be wordy and I edit a million times before I post. Hopefully, I’m getting better about the wordiness. I write about whatever’s going on in my life — with a humorous bent if I can pull it off — which isn’t always positive, but I try. I enjoyed your take on writing. It will give me something to consider. I look forward to reading more of your posts! Mona

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  3. In a way, a blog is kind of like an enormous book that we get to arrange in certain ways, so there is definitely some planning (especially when having to navigate WordPress’s system), but I feel like the quote could also fit it well–as someone gets a feel for what they would like to set down or try out.

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  4. I enjoy the way you’ve tied the intellect and intuition here. I do think both are needed. I use both on every post, even if the poem is purely from my intuition, when I make choices about when the post will go out, etc. Great share, Sadje.

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