Creating a storm in a teacup


Have you heard the word, “ Alarmist”?

I’ve met a few of them and surprisingly, or perhaps not, they are related. Perhaps it runs in their genes!

They create storms in teacups and mountains out of molehills. The term, “what if” looms large in their thinking and every sort of negative scenario becomes not only possible but also imminent in their minds. This happens especially in the middle of the night when they consider it their duty to wake people sleeping and ask them worriedly, what if this happens or what if that happens?

You might have guessed that I’m talking about my husband and someone closely related to him.

I tell him all the time to relax and wait to see if that situation actually develops. And more often than not, it never does.

Written for;Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Alarms, and Weekend Challenge- Middle, hosted by Sue W and GC



50 thoughts on “Creating a storm in a teacup

  1. Is it better to be a general alarmist or a hypochondriac? I think perhaps one good thing about memory loss issues is that I hear less about medical issues that aren’t real…from a particular relative.

    I think the only true alarmists can be those who are in the midst of a war. I saw an image the other day of a young woman dressed for her graduation or prom from the Ukraine – taken in front of ruins.

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  2. My little sis(not so little now) broke many an innocent teacup with these storms, but she met someone who calmed her down like none of us could.

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  3. You see, people who worry are saving us, even if we don’t know it. Because if you worry about it, it won’t happen. The things that happen are always the things you DIDN’T worry about. He’s saving you. Really 😀

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