A letter a week- L

Place – lagoon

Emotion – lethargy

Adjective – lamentable

Verb – launch

My animal – llama

You might have heard the story of a royal Llama, called Kuzco. Due to his lamentable lack of sympathy and proper manners, he was turned into a Llama by an evil advisor, Yzma, who wanted to rule in his stead.

He ended up in a lagoon, lonely and wet, in desperate need of a friend. But his inherent lethargy and lack of empathy stood in his way of making a friend.

Finally he made a friend, Pasha who launched a campaign to restore Kuzco to his human form and to rid the nation of the evil advisor, Yzma.

Catch the whole story in; “Emperor’s new groove” by Disney


Written for Deb of Nope, not Pam challenge- A letter a week

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