The ghost alley

Photo credit Sarah Whiley

Use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


They call it the ghost alley

Blue luminous ghouls floating

In the air, providing thrills

Children are especially fond of

Dragging their parents to see them

A harmless prank to enliven the

Humdrum life of busy people


Written for Photo prompt # 418, hosted by Weejars




37 thoughts on “The ghost alley

  1. Hey Sadje. In my mind I’m witnessing the Phi Phenomenon with this static photo you chose.
    I’m pretty sure the hanging image blinks in succession giving the illusion of movement like lights popular at Christmas time. They’re mesmerizing, really. An optical illusion no less. And yes, kids would love them. And it’s perfect for just such an alley. 👏
    I looked it up and found that Max Wertheimer, the founding father of Gestalt psychology, was the first to hint on the idea of the existence of phi phenomenon as an optical illusion.
    So I will keep the image in my head as I appreciate your poem. Perhaps I’ll write one myself. Thank you.

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