Sunday Poser # 85-Father’s Day Special

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

What is the most precious memory of your dad?

Today is Father’s Day.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, my father was a very caring parent who was both a mother and a father to us all. One thing that I always remember is that he would sit by my side at night when I was ill. He would keep an eye on the symptoms and administer medicines when needed. Even in my late thirties when I needed surgery for the removal of my meniscus in my right knee, it was him who stayed with me in the hospital, sleeping on the bench provided by them for attendants while my husband stayed home with our three kids.

He showed me the kindness which is mostly associated with a mother. I could always talk to him regarding my problems and he gave me sage advice. He always believed in me and encouraged me to be the very best version of myself.

May he Rest In Peace.

So please share what is your most cherished memory of your dad or someone who was like a dad to you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.

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51 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 85-Father’s Day Special

  1. I had a difficult relationship growing up with my dad. But we did a lot of outdoor activities as a family like skiing, golfing, playing tennis, swimming, fishing and clamming. I think those are the best memories. Then as a grandfather he went to every swim meet of my two children.

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  2. Beautiful memories and story, Sadje. I love the quote about the father believing in you. Your father was so precious. Vince and I had a huge discussion yesterday about the legacies our fathers left us – much more than we usually think about. I’m grateful that my dad provided us with a home, food, clothing, and all the necessities. He taught me how to take pictures and took me on photo shoots when I was a pre-teen. We played lots of games together. i think he believed in me to some extent. He analyzed me quite a bit. LOL I appreciated him more when he was gone, sad to say. Thanks for linking! 🙂

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    1. I feel you had a good relationship with your dad. But it’s often the truth that we realize the love and importance of our parents when they are no more. I remember one thing that my elder brother said at the death of my father; he said that our father lives in us all through what we inherited from him and what we learned from him. Thanks

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  3. My most precious memory of my dad is sitting on the floor, while he sat in his red chair. We talked about everything and anything, and he was the person I went to when I was feeling low. He always had great advice.

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  4. My father bestowed a great sense of practicality and a work ethic that is very strong in me, he also made me smile and laugh, even after we disagreed about something. I miss him. Thank you for this question today, Sadje.

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  5. That’s so sweet, Sadjie.

    I’m a certified daddy’s girl and I have a lot of precious memories of my dad. We play chess, cook horrible foods together, talk about almost everything and my favorite is he always takes care of me when I’m sick. The best part, he also talk about my biological father whom I’ve never seen because of.. unfortunate events. He’s really sweet and I love my dad so much. Thanks for the question, Sadjie. 😊💙

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  6. Even before I ever realized how good a cook maybe even chef he was, my father allowed me to make him boxed mix brownies. And even though I forgot about them and they were almost as good as bricks when them came out of the oven, he ate one and told me it was good. Fathers can be very encouraging when they want to be 🙂

    May all the memories of the father’s we have lost be for blessings. 💖

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  7. Sounds like he was a great dad. May he rest in peace. My relationship with my dad was complicated growing up. On one hand, he was abusive. On the other hand, he was very tender where my mom was distant. Now he is the caring dad from afar and sometimes we have great conversations. However, I’m still scared to stand up to him when we disagree.

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    1. My father was a wonderful man. I’m sorry that your relationship with your dad isn’t what you’d like it to be. Thanks for sharing Sajjida


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