Mending fences

The photograph is from

For the visually challenged writer, the photo is of a girl sitting inside a tent. She’s reading a book and has a smile on her face.


Truth be told, my heart wasn’t in it and I declined the opportunity until I found out that she will also be there.

Cathy was my best friend during my grade school and it was in our freshman year that due to a misunderstanding, we broke our friendship. I always rued this and when my mom told me that she and a few friends were going to the beach with their kids I wasn’t interested till she told me that Cathy and her mom would be there too.

That day I packed a special gift for Cathy and when everyone was busy enjoying the beach and the ocean, I started to look for her. As I expected, she was sitting in her tent, engrossed in a book. I tentatively said hi!

She looked up and immediately jumped up and hugged me. Oh how good to see you, Nicole, she said. I was happy that she didn’t bear any grudge for the past misunderstandings. I offered her the book I had chosen as a gift for her. It was a classic that she was very fond of.

I’m glad I took that small step that day for Cathy and I are best friends again.


Written for FFFC # 173, hosted by Fandango

Also included FSS# 50, hosted by Fandango




49 thoughts on “Mending fences

  1. Lovely. This makes me want to add my thoughts in quotes:
    “Since there is nothing so well
    worth having
as friends,
never lose a chance
to make them.” 
~ Francesco Guicciardini

    And this is multiplied when it’s an old friendship:

    “New friends know
    the present version of you,
    Old friends know everything.” ~~

    “There’s nothing on this earth
    more to be prized than friendship.”
    ~ Thomas Aquinas

    This post made me do it. XoXo 😉 Shalom

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    1. Thanks a lot Selma. Old friends are friendships are a precious gift. I have friends still from my school days. Lovely quotes. Thanks for sharing


  2. Sometimes all it takes is one small smile. Most of those I knew when I was younger already had fast friends. I moved quite a bit. I was more of a third wheel. I learned that it takes two – and if one isn’t interested it is better to let them go. After so many tries and no replies it is often best to just learn to be at peace with the friends that are true.

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