In the dark of the night

Detached memory taunts

Forgotten events wound

Mind intentionally blanked

Yet the healed welts still ache

Deep in the dark of the night


Tuesday writing prompt: Begin a poem with “detached memory”



66 thoughts on “In the dark of the night

  1. Deep in the dark of night… That’s when we have had several home water issues. Faulty clothes washer hose, a unit in the attic that didn’t have a working overload warning in the ‘water tray’ and the latest the unintentional ‘waterfall’ of water flowing icemaker from the freezer. That water leaking found the path of least resistance to our lower level. Thankfully we will not have to move out while repairs are made. No issues for over ten years. But thankfully we have homeowners insurance. One does not conciously plan for these misadventures, but we can attempt to be prepared. And then deal with the clean up. *sigh*

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