Dangerous intruder

June 13, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a danger zone. It can be an exciting plot-driven story (think “story spine”) or a situation a character must confront. Play with different genres, and use craft elements like tension, tone, and pacing. Go where the prompt leads!


The doorbell rang stridently in the quiet of the afternoon. Misha looked up from her computer and peeked through the glass panel of the front door.

She couldn’t see anyone. Resigned, she got up to open the door a crack and looked through it. Still, no one was visible. But a frisson of unease ran up her spine.

“Is someone there?”


She pushed the door to close and bolt but it wouldn’t budge. As if something invisible was hindering it.

Suddenly someone gripped her hand and pulled her backward. She wanted to scream, but couldn’t make a sound.


Word count; 99

Written for 99 words story- Danger zone, hosted by Carrot Ranch- Charli Mills



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