Strokes of the brush

With measured strokes of the brush, Danny was putting finishing touches to her latest painting.

When she was a child due to an accident, she lost vision in her left eye but her right eye was mercifully spared.

The pain and despondency over the loss took her into a deep depression and it was only after a lot of loving persuasion from her mother that she returned to her most beloved passion, painting.

And just a few years later, she was earning a good name for herself from her talent.

Her parents never tired of telling anyone who was willing to listen, of their daughter’s immense talent and dedication.

The door to the studio opened and her agent stepped in, “Wow Danny this is another masterpiece my dear, this will be the centerpiece of your solo exhibition”,


Written for Six Sentences Story- Stroke, hosted by Girlie on the edge’s blog- Denise



70 thoughts on “Strokes of the brush

  1. Great story. Did you know that Dave Chihuly the glass artist lost vision in one eye due to a car accident? He could no longer create the glass, but would paint his idea and have his team follow his direction to create his masterpieces.

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