A letter a week- K

This week our letter is- K

Place – Kitchen

Emotion – kawaii

Adjective – kindly

Verb – knock

My animal – koi fish

Kate loved to look at fish swimming in the water. But she didn’t want to keep them in a fish bowl or aquarium. So in the backyard, outside her kitchen, she had a biggish fish pond where she had many Koi fish, swimming around and looking extremely kawaii.

One day there was a knock on her front door, and a group of ten-year-olds was standing there. “Ma’am, can you kindly allow us to look at your fish, please? Kendra, the girl next door told us that they are very beautiful.

Kate was happy to share her beautiful fish with these lovely children.


Written in response to Nope, not Pam aka Deb’s A letter a week- K



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