That song

The photograph is from

(For the visually challenged writer, the photo is of a man sitting in front of some electronic devices and speakers. He’s typing on a keyboard and is staring at a computer monitor.)


There was something about that song that always made me think of the days of my youth. It wasn’t a song that I listened to when I was younger but its lyrics reminded me of the carefree days when I was young.

My brother introduced me to many bands when we were in college. I was mostly listening to Urdu music but he was into American pop and he made a selection for me on a cassette. I loved the fast beat of the music and the way it was remixed to make me want to dance to its beat. In fact, I used that tape for my daily workout.

Now whenever I hear a similar song, I go back 30-40 years to those days.


Written in response to FFFC # 172, hosted by Fandango

Also included FSS # 49, hosted by Fandango




39 thoughts on “That song

  1. Music is a powerful tool for sure. Btw that is likely a mastering engineer in a studio because of the type of gear on the desk. Mastering is the last stage of production before the song is released to the public

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