Ironing as a hobby!

Ironing was never something that I liked. Perhaps because it’s mostly hot in our country and ironing is hot work. In college, we were doing women guard training and had a military-style uniform that had to be starched and ironed by your truly every week, and I hated doing it.

But ironically, when my kids were in school, the guy who used to do the ironing for us left unannounced and I was left with this job, at that stage I started enjoying ironing. I’d take out the semi wet clothes and iron them to a great finish. As we wear mostly cotton here it was way better to let the clothes dry completely and then iron them.

I used to put on music and let my mind wander while ironing. I solved many problems this way. I think as far as mindless activities go, ironing is one of the best one.

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “iron(y).” Use “iron,” use “irony,” or use both. Use them any way you’d like. Bonus points if you use both. Have fun!


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100 thoughts on “Ironing as a hobby!

  1. The irony is that I enjoy ironing and all my clothing and beddings are permanent prees🤣
    Wonderful share as always my friend. Your post made me smile when you said you ironed semi wet clothing. I too have tried that!

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  2. I dislike ironing so much there are pieces of clothes I haven’t worn for months til I have NO choice and MUST iron or go naked or shopping 🛍 😂 😝 the latter I justify as therapy the former would land me in the loony house. Lol 😂

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  3. Ironing gives me backaches but I get what you’re trying to say. I read about something similar in the book Ikigai. I think it was called ‘Flow’ where you get into a rhythm doing some task. Dont remember exactly though.

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  4. My mother, God rest her soul, ironed EVERYTHING — not just clothes, but bed sheets, pillowcases, dish towels, handkerchiefs, even my dad’s boxer shorts. Some time after I got married, she found out that I didn’t iron my husband’s dress shirts, and she was horrified. I pointed out that they were permanent press, but she just shook her head in disbelief at what a terrible housekeeper I was. How my husband has stayed married to me for 45 years remains a mystery.

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  5. 🙂 Sadje, I do not envy you, my friend.

    In my case, ironing is certainly not a hobby because I am not fond of heat (Try to imagine yourself ironing in a tropical country where the atmosphere is already hot).

    If I am doing any sort of ironing, it has to be at sundown or whenever it is raining.

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  6. I used to enjoy ironing, everything was carefully done except, socks, underwear and towels. My mum taught me that ironing towels reduces the absorbency, so that was a no no, and she taught me to water spray the items and roll them up to achieve the perfect dampness, however, once the large steam generating irons came along I no longer had the need. Thank you for joining our Pressing Matters challenge, Sadje 🙂

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  7. I wonder if Rodin’s “The Thinker” was originally conceived as a person standing beside n ironing board on a Monday morning facing an awesome amount of clothing to be pressed.He finally decided to sit down and think about the ptos and cons of actually ironing all the stuff?

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  8. Ironing is a time for me to relax and enjoy the who concept of something crinkly and tatty becoming pristine and lovely. If only everything in life could be so easily resolved.

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  9. I remember sometimes when I became old enough, I got to help my grandmother iron. She would usually save things like pillow cases and handkerchiefs for me to iron. Then I got older and decided it was boring… now I only iron out of necessity. 😂

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  10. I hate ironing, drip dry is my best friend, but I love washing the dishes. I made my hubby remove the dishwasher so now he has no choice but to wash the dishes

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  11. Ironing is so much boring to me😅😅
    I hate boring activities 🖖🖖.

    Pls all scientists in the house should try and visit my blog,I wish to host a webinar and I’ll want it to be full of varietes of scientists🙏Thank you

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  12. True irony for me is that l used to love ironing as a teenager so much so that l turned it into a thriving business … however forty years on and the last time l ironed anything was maybe five years ago, now l iron nothing and can’t stand the task 🙂

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      1. Ironing does indeed lose its charm Sadje hahaha well said. “Slaving over a hot board all day isn’t fun!” My mother used to shout.

        Although admittedly these days l no longer wear clothing that needs to be exclusively ironed so that plays a huge part as well. Tee shirts are dried naturally and so the creases are minimal.

        If l was going somewhere important then l would iron clothing of course.

        Suze still irons a lot of her things or rather she used to now she mostly orons her bedding.

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        1. Very true, it doesn’t seems fun as we grow older. I have to get my clothes ironed because the way they are and they are usually pure cotton so…. But luckily I have help and the laundry is not expensive either

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  13. I very rarely iron. When my children needed things ironed for club uniforms – I taught them how!
    I often just hand iron my t-shirts on the top of my dryer (not a double stack), once I’ve got the load smoothed out – then I fold them.

    My Grandparents probably ironed everything as they had clothes lines for all seasons. I do remember reading about and American Olympian who married a gent from another country… she was surprised to be left with the ironing task – of ironing everything shirts and socks and everything in between.

    I think ironing can give one a sense of achomplishment. like getting through a mending pile or even clearing the sink of dishes 🙂 There are things I like now that I didn’t as a younger person…including basic cooking 🙂

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