In search of perfection?

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If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” — Margaret Atwood 


We mortals are not meant to be perfect!

We all make mistakes, even the best of us. Although some, like me, make more than others. But that doesn’t deter me from posting what I write. The people in our blogosphere are very generous and forgiving and very seldom do they point out a mistake.

I never aim for perfection anyway. I aim to deliver a message in most of my posts. I want that whatever I write should be of a positive value to my readers. That’s why I have reduced the number of posts that I write every day so that I can produce quality stuff.

One thing though I feel is important; Make sure that there aren’t typos in your writing or grammatical mistakes. That does ruins the impact of your post, be it a story or a poem.


Many thanks Dr Tanya for this interesting prompt!

Written for;Blogging Insights — New Format # 37, hosted by Tanya



48 thoughts on “In search of perfection?

  1. A unique style of writing! I love the way you put words together to produce the intended meaning. I have never seen such an amazing display of intertextuality; classic when you start with a quote and modern when you subjectively analyze it. Keep writing, keep us motivating.

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  2. Quality is best over quantity. I have always maintained that each blogger run their site the way they wish.
    I always try to make positive comments to posts I visit. There is already too much negativity in the world.
    And it is a joy to find new friends from all over the world! 💕

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  3. I’m dyslexic. I know this about myself so I typically leave my post sitting on my computer for a couple of days to help me catch mistakes. It’s not easy but it DOES help!

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