Never ever

Never again tell me
That this incident is not your fault
Never pretend that the guns in the hands of criminals
Aren’t because you advocate for them
Never again fool everyone into believing
That money isn’t dearer to you than the blood of innocents

Imagine if these were your children, loved ones
What would you feel and what would you do?


Tuesday writing prompt: Use “never again” in a poem



67 thoughts on “Never ever

  1. One more thought, the shooter is to blame but the NRA, gun manufacturers and the gun lobby are the worst kind of accomplices. They need to be held a cou table much the same way the pharmaceuticals companies took it in the wallet over the opioid crisis. Is it not the exact same thing?

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  2. There is an election in America this year. This election might be the last time women gave to stand up for themselves. The last time haters of gun violence get to say they want action on gun control. The last time healthy-minded people have to reject the racism supported by and catered to by the Republican Party. The last time women and minorities get to exercise their vote! The last time people are allowed to marry whom they choose or live how their bodies tell them how to live! All these things and more are On The Line. Believe it! If you cannot do anything else, in America, Vote. Tell the Republicans you cannot abide life as they want it to be. Reject it. Destroy the GOP! Vote as if your lifestyle depends on it, because it does!

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  3. Too many of these horrible incidents are occurring in this country, my friend. I wrote the state senator and house rep yesterday, expressing my dismay, and advocating for stricter gun laws and increased safety measure at our schools. Horrific crimes. An important poem, Sadje.

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