Stress keeps me awake!

Reena has provided some prompt lines for us to write this week. I have chosen this one;

Not trying to brag or anything, but I can wake up without an alarm clock now simply due to my crippling and overwhelming anxiety, so…


It is always wise to be well-rested when you have something important coming up. At least that’s how it should be. But I blame it on my desire to do things well in advance, that I don’t need an alarm clock to wake me up on the big day. My anxiety does it by itself.

The day we were moving, I knew it would be a long and tiring day so I set my alarm for 9:30 am. But I got up at 4;30 am and was on my feet and tired by the time the movers arrived at 10:00 am. Already stressed out and anxious.

My brain keeps on giving me sage and wise advice, however, my hyperactive mind keeps on nudging me to do this and that so that nothing gets left behind or undone. I guess I still have a way to go before I achieve that level of “cool-mindedness” that I wish I had.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep on stressing when I have something important or big to handle. And walking up in the middle of the night due to undue stress!


Written for RXC # 232, hosted by Reena



74 thoughts on “Stress keeps me awake!

  1. Sorry about your stress and anxiety. That is hard! Prayers that you can find some peace at night and your body lets you sleep. I am awake a lot at night, not due to stress, just hormones that don’t seem to value sleep. LOL!

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  2. I no longer suffer with this anymore [stress], now l sleep like a log and the only time l waken before the alarm is if l need a wee, like you l wake much of the time before my alarm usually by around 15 minutes but that is not through stress. Why are so stressed these days Sadje or was it just for the move.

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  3. Anxiety and depression hard to deal with. I get overtly anxious when something good is just about to happen to me, like when my name has been announced for an award and the next thing to happen is to stand and go for it in a few minutes. One can see me shaking 🤣

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  4. If only I could borrow your problem some days. I was once a deadline person but I have to varying degrees started doing most important things ahead of schedule.

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