Bookworms in my family

Re-shared in response to Throwback Thursday, hosted by Maggie and Lauren

This is a post I wrote more than a year ago in response to Michael’s Tale weaver prompt; Book worm.

I felt that I’ve answered most of the questions asked by Maggie in her prompt post in this one, so I’m sharing it again today. Sorry if you’ve already read it!


We all are bookworms, at least the girls/ women of my family. It has come down through genetics. My grandfather was a huge lover of books. He would read continuously. And had a massive library. I idolized him as he was the best sort of a grandfather any girl could have.

After him, my father was another bookworm. He would always have a stack of books on his nightstand and would often read late into the night. I was the most bookish among my siblings, though my younger brother also was fond of reading too.

My husband bought a lot of books but very rarely would he finish a book that he started reading. My son’s interest in reading was somewhat in the middle range. While I and my two daughters are avid readers. We have between the three of us, bought and read thousands of books.

The good thing is that we share similar interests in reading and exchanging our books. The youngest bookworm is my 12 years old grandson. He goes through books at a very high rate. And it costs his mother a lot of money to keep him supplied with new books!




60 thoughts on “Bookworms in my family

  1. Oh, how very nice! I’m the only bookworm in our family. I wonder what it feels like exchanging books and reading it with them. And the 12 year old youngest bookworm in your family is amazing, I only started reading books at 14! 😅

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  2. That’s awesome! I’m the only bookworm in my family. My husband and son don’t like reading. Neither do any of my siblings or parents.

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