Traveling- Flying is my preference

Unlike many people, these days, I love to fly. And you won’t believe it but I also like the food served during the flights. Most of my flying experience was during the years my daughter was in the USA. I traveled at least six times to USA and back.

When I flew alone the first time I was equally apprehensive and excited. But going to America every year made me a seasoned traveler. My preference was Emirates Airlines. Before Covid, they had the best economy service.

My first stop would be Dubai airport. There I’d have a layover of 3-4 hours. I enjoyed my stay there as it’s a very happening place. The duty-free shops are very well stocked but on the pricey side. The flight from Lahore to Dubai is around 3 hours and not tiring but the next leg of my journey was from Dubai to Seattle and took 18 hours. That was a long and tiring flight. And I have a problem going to sleep while sitting, so I used to watch 5-6 movies on each flight. The inflight entertainment was usually up to date and I got to see many new movies.

Reaching Seattle, my daughter would welcome me and make my stay there very comfortable. I used to have a wonderful time with her and my grandson. She used to take me around to show me the local attractions too. We went to the east coast together too to visit New York and Washington DC.

If you give me a plane ticket, I’m ready to fly even now!

Written for; WQW #18: Transportation: Trains, Planes, and Working Machines, hosted by Marsha



72 thoughts on “Traveling- Flying is my preference

  1. Sadje, fourteen hours is longer than it took me to fly to Australia. That’s quite a trip. I used to travel to Seattle from Portland all the time. My first husband was from there. Too bad we didn’t know each other then! You really were the seasoned traveler! WOW! I love your quote about not being able to buy happiness! Have a great week, my friend.

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  2. Ha! you do love flying. I too am a seasoned traveller as I used to fly a lot to join my husband on his ships but never enjoyed flying much. I hate the time it takes to check in, immigration etc.
    That is a very apt quote. 🙂

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  3. I enjoy flying now that I am older. When I took my first flight from the island where I was born to my new homeland Canada, I was not as thrilled with planes and leaving the earth to soar in the air.
    Airplane food…not a fan, I am afraid. Great peanuts and snacks though.
    I love travel in general. Just the spirit in me, I guess.
    Wonderful share, Sadje. Brought back fond memories.
    Thank you, my friend

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  4. I love flying, too. I think the longest flight I’ve been on was from Travis Air Force Base (near Seattle) to Japan. My girls were little, age 2 years old, and 3 months old! They did fine, though. 🙂

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  5. i love to fly business class or first class too {hehehe}.. the food and service is really good… and you can see its so different from the economy class… which actually makes me sad at the same time…

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  6. Lahore, Pakistan. Are you still there, Sadje? Wow. I didn’t know.
    I know about 18 hour flights. They are wicked timewise. I cannot sleep in moving vehicles. Planes included. It’s horrendous.
    I’d like to fly Emirates one fine day. Wow. Clap

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    1. Yes, I’m in Pakistan now. It was not only a long flight but the time difference was 12 hours so one went back in time. Still I’d do it again if I find some free time and money.


      1. I see.
        I know exactly what that is like.
        Whenever I’d travel to see my mother I’d arrive in a time zone 15 hours behind Japan.
        I abhorred the long time on the aircraft. But braved it to go see my mama. She also braved it to come see me, that sweet Mama.
        Now that she’s gone I don’t want to get on an airplane.
        Thanks for sharing. Be well. Sadje. Blessings.

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  7. Oh you’re quite the traveler, Sadje. I can’t imagine going to places back and forth only by an 18 hour plane ride! I’m afraid I’m not a huge fan of flying or sailing since I get motion sick and I can’t stand the turbulence.

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  8. I’m not sure I have a favorite way to travel. I’ve done trains, planes and automobies and boats (OK only twice on a cruise ship) – Traveling has changed so much since I was younger. The airport restrictions at least makes for more seating in the waiting areas. But I remember when families were allowed to watch the planes take off!

    Most of my recent air travel has been on an airline without reserved seating. And most filghts weren’t long enough for a meal service. One of these days I might be interested in visiting another country… but not quite yet. 🙂

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