Bridging the gap

A few wooden slabs

Sturdy enough to bear the weight

Connecting one place to another

Caution is required when placing that first step

Cross over quickly before courage departs


Written for CCC # 184, hosted by Crispina Kemp



62 thoughts on “Bridging the gap

  1. I once fell off such a bridge. Thank God the stream below was only about three meters off the top. It had rained and the woods were very weak so that the moment I made my first two steps, it went crushing down. Almost broke my back, had a little knee issue. They do help but are very risky too.

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      1. I remember being facinated by tightrope walkers… but some of them (not to take anything away from the skill) anyway have special groves in the bottom of their slipper/shoes to help!

        Part of the excitement in any magic is not knowing how it is achieved 😉

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