The shifting/ moving house saga continues!

It’s been four days and slowly we are getting organized. But when you move from a smaller house into a bigger one and the people you’ve engaged aren’t as organized as you wished they were, you’re left with much more to do than you imagined.

As I said that we are getting there but my time is taken up by putting rooms back to order and helping my daughter and grandson with their organizing.

I make time to write my blog posts, read and answer the comments but unfortunately I haven’t been able to read as many posts as I usually do. Many I skim through and many I saved hoping to read them later. But I now realize that it is not possible to catch up on 3-4 days’ worth of posts so, with apologies, I will start afresh tomorrow and will try to be there to enjoy your posts.

Meanwhile, with me luck that I’m done by Monday so that the new week can start on a good, fresh note.

See you all soon.



72 thoughts on “The shifting/ moving house saga continues!

  1. it’s a busy time of transition, don’t worry about reading back and catching up and responding, just get done what you need to, and begin again fresh when you are ready. best to you in the process.

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  2. Always ‘real life’ must proceed our other distractions 😉
    May your move be smooth and easy.

    A home across from us sold and those folks are doing quite a bit of updating before moving in – hopefully to be ready before #3 arrives! I don’t think they have ‘live in-laws’ but they do have family in the area 😀

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    1. We had to tolerate the updating after we moved in. The kitchen remodel ( a very quick job) was started the day we shifted. You’re right that real life takes priority over other things. Thanks

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      1. We had our own kitchen remodeld a few years back. It was so dark and dreary. We didn’t change much but resurfaced the counters and cabinents – lightened things up too. The walls are now a cheery yellow 🙂

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          1. Much brighter, and with a smaller foldable table (we use the dining table more now) – more floor room. No island in the middle – I don’t think there is room with two entrances on opposite sides of the room! 😀

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