Where we would be without family?

Family – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows two large swans and 3 smaller swans all swimming together.


Life is funny at times.

A tiff with your siblings or parent and you start thinking what a burden family is. And it is absolutely true that those who we love most have the greatest power to wound our hearts. But having said that, these same people do have the power to give us the best moments of our lives. Because joy comes through love!

Jessica was in a sullen and dark mood when she set out for her walk along the park track. She just had words with her mom. She usually went along well with her mother but one thing that always irritated her was when her mom would lecture her as if she was still 5 years old and not almost 17.

During her walk she saw the swan family in the pond. She saw how the parents were protectively floating around the little ones and would often help one or the other to keep them all together. She realized that what her own mother was doing was also the same. She wanted her to be safe and keep out of trouble. She felt sorry that she was rude to her mom.

β€œI think I’ll buy her some chocolate on the way back!” She thought.

Where would we be without the protective circle of our family?


Written for WritePhoto # Family, hosted by KL Caley



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