Let it go!

Run wild

Free like a butterfly

Floating on the air

Or a child filled with exuberance

Why is it that only the innocent creatures

Or those free from the worries of the life

Can really enjoy the freedom of running unencumbered?


Tuesday writing prompt—Use run wild in a poem



45 thoughts on “Let it go!

  1. Love this!! Sadly, the realistic answer is that as we live life bad things and fears happen as a result of experience and take it away from most of us. Only those that can put those feelings and fears aside can still be wild and free and fearless or those who are under the influence. LOL 😊💕🌹

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  2. My take: we carry too much baggage that just serves to weigh us down. We’re tethered to ‘things’
    But then we arrive at middle age and get an awakening. We shed the baggage. And we better because the climb would be cumbersome with all that luggage. We shed. We go deeper and appreciate the view more.
    So yeah, that’s what I think, Sadje.
    Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing your lovely words. xoxo

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