Am I alone?


“I ask you for two minutes of your valuable time. Listen to the poem in this insightful video.”

I await your reflections on whatever thoughts arise in you.


Being alone is different from loneliness

I am never lonely, because I’m always with myself

But being alone is a state that I cherish sometimes

At times, company is good, and family or friends welcomed

But then too much noise, too much hustle-bustle

Makes me crave a bit of solitude and a bit of quietude

Where I can hear myself think

Where my heart, my soul talks to my Creator

If I don’t get my much-desired me-time, I make it for myself

By sitting alone in the quiet of the night and thinking, deep thoughts!


Written for RXC # 231, hosted by Reena



102 thoughts on “Am I alone?

  1. I love the comment of touching yourself and you are an interesting conversation. I feel that means it is okay to talk to yourself in writing your thoughts down or just listen to your thoughts as you dream or just being alone. 🙏🏽💝

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  2. That’s exactly what i also believe. I myself wrote something similar once after coming to a conclusion, loneliness may rise from being alone too much, and not being able to cope with it. But they’re both different.
    It’s so beautifully written out.

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  3. Many people run away from the shadows that creeps in the depth of their heart which only seem to find expression when they are alone. Failing to realise that that only way to get rid of the darkness is to face it head on with a touch and not running away from it. The greatest advice one can get is gotten from the depth of your innerman and not outside. This video speaks volumes. Thanks Sadje 😊

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  4. In times of being Alone, we should Definitely focus on ourselves and cherish every moment. To Love is not just to Love others but to Love who you are without judgment. Everyone is their own Beautiful star. All different but glow just as bright. I have finally over come my fear of being alone by find the Love that needed to for myself.
    I did enjoy the video, Beautiful work.

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts. I agree with you that we need to accept ourselves wholeheartedly and give ourselves the love we give to others, too. Beautifully said


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