Smattering of sense

Why is common sense is so uncommon?

There are many moments when I face-palm myself

When even a simple fact is so hard to communicate

Even a smattering of wisdom or common sense

Would greatly help the world in understanding simple things


Written for; Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Smattering – May 17, 2022

54 thoughts on “Smattering of sense

      1. You’re welcome, Sadje. It’s always my pleasure. In the example I was referring to overthink, in that sometimes the simplest answer is the easiest to see, and is often common sensical too, yet we get stymied by overthinking.

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  1. Like Spiderman’s tingly spidy sence – we need to listen to ourselves too.
    We need to tad a moment to think before we act.
    Though in an emergency the right quick action is also paramount! 🙂

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