The scenic view

We are always in a hurry to get where we want to, taking the shortest possible route and getting frustrated when we encounter traffic jams and delays.

It’s a well known saying to stop and smell the roses/flowers for we live just once, but we especially in today’s world disregard this as we think what we need to do is way more important and breaking the journey is only a waste of time.

Sometimes, fate steps in and gives us a detour that takes us on another route, different from where we planned to go, along the scenic route.

A blocked road, a flat tire, or a breakdown of the car cause hindrance to our travel but changes the time frame of our journey.

Who knows what dangers are averted when we travel in a different time frame or take a new route, for we cannot see the parallel timelines.

These detours of life sometimes brings very pleasant surprises along the way.


Written for Six Sentences Story- Detour , hosted by Girlie on the edge’s blog- Denise



58 thoughts on “The scenic view

  1. I enjoy this perspective greatly. There was a time when these “detours” would frustrate me. Today, I see then with new eyes, as part of a larger viewpoint, and my destiny. Lovely reflections, Sadje.

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  2. When I first moved to where I am now I had to get lost many times to figure out how to get to where I wanted to go.
    🙂 Be paitient! 😉 Much easier when one is retired. 😀

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  3. Indeed, Sadje… what could’ve happened if what had happened hadn’t… the possibilities are endless and mesmerising. Best be grateful for what had happened and have done with it! 😀

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  4. “..changes the time frame of our journey.”
    And this is not necessarily a bad thing as your Six reminds us, Sadje. Perspective. I agree with Clark. Rising above the frustrations of life’s “detours”, being open to the potential of the “un-expected”, may in fact, bring us gifts of a sort we may not otherwise have enjoyed.
    Which is to say the very thing you are saying in your last sentence 🙂

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