A slice of paradise

Open – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows an entranceway in amongst some stone walls to a bright green garden.


Peeking through that open space I felt a great temptation to cross into that brightly lit space, inviting like a slice of paradise.

The green grass, blooming trees with white blossoms aplenty, and patches of cooling shade, were beckoning me to come hither.

It was private property, and there was a sign saying, ‘ No Trespassing’ boldly displayed on the side of that open doorway.


I couldn’t suppress my desire to experience the beauty and I hesitantly stepped inside.

All hell broke loose as two ferocious Doberman dogs came at me full speed. With a speed I didn’t knew I possessed, I made a quick exit from that garden and vowed never to enter any place which specifically forbade people to do so!


Written in response to WritePhoto # open, hosted by KL Caley



59 thoughts on “A slice of paradise

  1. When I got to “yet” I was intrigued cause you’re set up was sooo good I knew the next heir of the story was gonna be exciting. And it was—a dog chase. Doberman at that. That’s a chase!!!!

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  2. A long time ago our family had a doberman… But it thought it was a small dog and was frightened of its reflection in the mirror! We lived in an apartment then – We found the large dog a good home with more space – perhaps that garden! 😀

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